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Aurora’s team combines the skills and mindset to deliver on our offering. Our team has international experience building plants in Spain and California as well as an 18 month track record in South Africa where we have delivered work for major industrial clients.

Contact Aurora Power Solutions

  • Telephone: +27 21 421 9764
  • FAX: +27 (0) 865 138 648
  • Email: info@apsolutions.co.za
  • Address: Nautica Building
  • Cape Town, South Africa

Contact details in full

The Aurora Team is made up of the following core members.

Simon Haw
Qualifications B.Sc. Civil Engineering (University of Cape Town - UCT)
M.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Stanford University, USA)
Experience SolFocus - Market Development Manager, SolFocus Inc., California, USA (2006-2008)
Design, installation and project management of large scale PV systems in California and Spain.
Skills & Focus Water & Energy engineering - Dynamic Environment
Renewable Energy Project Manager
Management of Solutions - understanding the technical detail but keeping an overview of the solution
Chris Haw
Qualifications B.Sc. Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics (UCT)
PhD - Engineering Science, 2008 (Oxford University)
Rhodes Scholar
Skills & Focus The integration of hardware and software for measurement and control systems. R & D experience in data gathering instruments, sensor design and intelligent systems design. Information processing and statistical forecasting tools development.
Dom Wills
Qualifications B.Sc. Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics (Hons) (UCT)
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (UCT)
PhD Electrical Engineering (University of Stellenbosch)
Experience Loher GMBH, Germany (2008)
Electromagnetic Design of Permanent Magnet Machines for direct drive applications in wind and tidal applications.
SA National Antarctic Programme (2007-2009)
Research Engineer and Programme Manager for the design, construction and delivery of 30kW of wind generators for the SA National Antarctic Base.
Optimal Energy (2010)
Project Engineer for an entirely South African designed and built Electric Vehicle aiming to compete in international markets.
APS (2010-current)
Project Manager and Technical Director
Skills & Focus PV Plant design, Solar Yield Prediction, Energy efficient Processes, Grid Connection, Land use Agreements, Servitudes
Bram Buijs
Qualifications M.Sc. Mathematics, 2005 (University of Amsterdam) M.Sc. Contemporary Asian Studies, 2006 (University of Amsterdam)
Experience REH Project Development (Pty) Ltd
Project Manager at South African developer of small-hydro renewable energy projects in Sub-Sahara Africa.
McKinsey & Company
Associate working in variety of industries, including energy sector. Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael
Researcher on global policy and energy market developments. Focus on climate change policy and global innovation & competition in renewable energy technologies.
b>Promolding Shanghai Office
Chief Representative responsible for establishing a new office in China.
Skills & Focus Management of project development team; financial management of APS; new business development and specific project management.
Daniel Goldstuck
Qualifications B.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Wits)
Experience Project Assistant, Beijing, China
Amortization of Energy Efficiency Projects, research analysis into combined heat and power plants in China
Project developer for 75MW Adams Solar PV Project Two
Skills & Focus Project management, grid connection, solar feasibility studies, financial modelling, technical design.
Ian Burger
Qualifications B.Eng -Electrical and Electronic, 2007 (University of Stellenbosch)
PhD - Biomedical Engineering, 2012 (University of Cape Town)
Skills & Focus Design of PV generation systems, energy yields, shading analysis and module layout.
Oliver Johnston
Qualifications B.Sc. Civil Engineering, 2009 (University of Cape Town - UCT)
M.Sc. (Eng) Energy Studies, 2012 (University of Cape Town - UCT)
Experience DEME Project Engineer, Doha, Qatar 2012
Project developer for 75MW Adams Solar PV Project Two
Skills & Focus Project development, permitting and licensing of power plants, construction mobilization and management activities
Dominic Chennells
Qualifications B.Bus.Sci. (Hons Finance), 2003 (University of Cape Town)
Post Graduate Diploma Accounting, 2004 (University of Cape Town)
CA(SA), 2008
Experience BDO Spencer Steward, Inc (2005-2007)
Article clerk, focussing on small-medium sized businesses.
BDO Seidman
LLP (Washington DC) 2008
Nautic Africa (2009-2012)
Chief Financial Officer, Shipyard and naval architects
Globeleq (2012)
- renewable energy project origination focus
APS (2012 - present)
Skills & Focus Rooftop Solar Business Development and finance focus