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Aurora focuses on project development of grid connected solar farms, energy efficiency interventions through energy monitoring devices and consulting services for CSP, PV and solar resource measurement.

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 Private, commercial and industrial PV systems

Traditionally, the national electricity provider Eskom and Municipalities have played a monopoly role in providing energy to commercial and industrial consumers at a regulated tariff. With the looming increases in tariffs and changing structures, consumers are discovering that it is becoming increasingly viable to produce energy for self-consumption using roof mounted or ground mounted photovoltaics coupled with inverters. The consumer would typically either:

  • Buy the system outright and use the energy savings to pay back the system. This is the most profitable method, however requires that the owner has the money to pay for the system upfront.
  • Enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA), where they don’t pay for the system, but enter into a long term agreement with APS to buy the energy at a fixed rate with a fixed escalation. This is helpful for consumers who don’t have the cash up front.
  • Enter into a lease agreement to lease the system for a fixed fee with a fixed escalation. This is a simpler model than the PPA.

Aurora Power is implementing private solar systems through a subsidiary company, SOLA. Please click here to go to the SOLA website.

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